As part of our dedication and commitment to our projects, we strive to meet hygiene and safety requirements and, of course, take special care to guarantee the hygiene of self-cleaning systems since this is one of the most important aspects in the food sector.

But we also do more than that by designing products that, due to their morphology, facilitate manual cleaning operations. We consider this to be a fundamental aspect and strive to innovate in this respect.


We use quality materials – stainless steel and authorised engineering plastics – and designs that guarantee the resistance and long service life of our products.


We also pay special attention to human machine interaction in order to achieve the greatest possible harmony between both. We make sure that all our machines are adapted to this interaction as this affects not only personal wellbeing and comfort but also optimises the performance of work activities and consequently productivity.

Animal welfare

European legislation (Directive 93/119/EC and the new regulation that will soon replace it) advocates avoiding unnecessary suffering to animals, for which it requires slaughterhouses to take measures to guarantee animal welfare in their processes, based on scientific knowledge. In this sense, all our projects are designed in a manner that minimises or eliminates any parameters that may adversely affect animals.


Our machines comply with European regulations and carry the CE marking. ISO-9001 management system.

Product Warranty

All our products undergo complete quality controls – assembly process, commissioning and checking – before they are delivered to the customer.

We offer a six-month warranty period from the moment the machinery is delivered to the customer’s facilities (as established in the Civil Code).