Comprehensive Solutions

We design and manufacture from any specific application to fully-equipped slaughtering, cutting and packaging rooms for the production process in the meat industry, with a high degree of specialization in the poultry sector (chicken, turkey, hen, etc.).

We always focus on providing comprehensive solutions that help optimize production, based on an overall understanding of the process, the identification of needs and the analysis of critical points.

To achieve these goals, we have an excellent team:

• Engineering Department. This department is responsible for studying, developing and planning the best customised solution in each case.

In a process of continuous innovation, our engineers carry out research into creative technological solutions to increase production yields and functionality, taking into account variants such as machine safety, hygiene, automation, occupational risk prevention, etc.

In our work, we have to keep pace with innovation and growth in the sector in terms of complex concepts, such as preservation or presentation to the consumer for example. Hence, it is not only vital for us to have an excellent in-house team but also to be open to collaboration with other companies that can join forces with us and help us incorporate innovations in products and processes.

• Our Production Department has all the means necessary to execute projects and a team of highly-skilled professionals who ensure that every Guadaíra product is of the highest quality.

Our Products

Innovation and reliability are hallmarks of quality in all our products, coupled with the versatility afforded by the Module-based system, which allows us to easily extend our conveyors and thus adapt to future modifications in facilities in line with production needs.

Some of our products

Slaughtering and Cutting:

• FULLY-EQUIPPED CUTTING AND PACKAGING ROOMS. Internal logistics in the cutting room, with a specific study of the lay-out to achieve greater productivity and performance. Combined with automatic slicers or cone cutting lines.

• CONVEYOR SYSTEMS for specific uses, e.g. refrigeration of by-products, feather transportation, offal transportation, etc.

• STUNNING SYSTEMS: Complete system for transporting poultry from farms in stainless steel cages, CO2 stunning in cabins and hanging on the slaughter line.

• SPIRAL FREEZING SYSTEMS: Primarily for IQF freezing, continuous cooling, etc.

Birth of turkeys:

Systems for treating turkeys at birth: system for sexing of one-day-old animals and a machine for beak treatment (beak trimming), vaccination, counting animals and distribution in boxes for transportation.