We design and manufacture comprehensive production systems tailored to the needs of our customers

We design and manufacture from any specific application to fully-equipped slaughtering, cutting and packaging rooms for the production process in the meat industry, with a high degree of specialization in the poultry sector (chicken, turkey, hen, etc.).

We always focus on providing comprehensive solutions that help optimize production, based on an overall understanding of the process, the identification of needs and the analysis of critical points.

Our Work Process

Tailored Integral Productive Solutions

How is the work with our customers?

  • Study of the current production situation.
  • Analysis of the possible improvements and definition of short and medium term objectives.
  • Yield control.
  • Detection and analysis of Critical Points.
  • Control of key variables: hygiene, ergonomics, animal welfare.
  • Execution and results.
  • Adjustments and optimization.

Our Team

Engineering Department

Responsible for finding the best solution, they are responsible for studying and projecting each case in a personalized way.

In a process of continuous innovation, our engineers investigate creative technological responses that increase yields in production and functionality, taking into account variants such as machine safety, hygiene, automation, occupational risk prevention, etc.

In our work, we are forced to follow the pace of innovation and growth that marks the sector in such complex concepts as conservation or presentation to the consumer, among others, so it is vital for us to have a good internal team, but also Open to collaboration with other companies that can add their efforts to ours, helping us to incorporate innovations in products and processes.

Engineering Department

Production and Manufacturing Department

GUADAÍRA has all the necessary means for the execution of projects, and a team of qualified professionals who ensure that each GUADAÍRA product is of the highest quality.

Our Products

Our Products and Production Systems

Innovation and Reliability

Innovation and reliability are quality seals in all our products, together with the versatility provided by the modular system, which allows us to easily expand our conveyors, making it possible to use them in future changes in the facilities according to the production needs.

All our products are certified in ISO 9001.

ISO 9001

Some of Our Products and Production Systems

Cutting and Packaging Systems

Internal logistics in cutting room, with specific lay-out study to achieve the highest productivity and performance.

Conveyor systems for specific uses, for example, by-product refrigeration, feather transport, viscera transport.

Cones Lines for Chicken and Turkey

Our line of cones stand out in the market for their quality, robustness, easy cleaning and productive efficiency, allowing our customers higher yields than with 100% automated systems.

Chicken Cones Lines

Full Stunning Systems

We design and manufacture complete systems for the transport of birds from the farms by means of stainless steel cages, stunned by a CO2 cabin and hanging on a sacrificial chain.

We Design and Manufacture Complete Stunning Systems

Bird Birth

Treatment systems for turkeys at birth. System for sexing animals of one day and machine for the treatment of the beak (shedding), vaccination, counting of animals and distribution in boxes for transport.