Our teams are characterized by providing customized technological solutions and constant innovation, following the pace of changing consumer trends, which require new techniques for the preparation, preservation and presentation of meat products.

On the other hand, our productive solutions not only reach those industries in the equipment renovation phase but also the start-up companies with turnkey projects, therefore, we are not mere machine marketers but we make proposals based on innovation and development for each case. This characteristic forces us to permanently attend the customer, but also the suppliers, to incorporate the new materials and the latest technologies into our designs.

The combination of these two factors, – the consumption trends and the personalized needs of each company -, lead us to give a special role to R&D, turning our Engineering Department into the backbone of the development of everything our work.

In Spain, we were pioneers in designing systems for the online packaging of poultry cutting, our commitment to innovation remains our main hallmark.

We develop productive systems with high innovation

We Get Ahead of Our Times

Perpetual Merge – More Flexibility and Control in the Tray Distribution System

We are committed to innovation

The commitment to innovation is our main distinguishing feature

We make reality what our customers think is impossible

In GUADAÍRA we are constantly adapting to the needs of the market through direct contact with our clients and active listening to their problems and challenges. We develop technology to help them be more productive and obtain greater benefits in their companies.

We solve your productive problems